261k and keep going

It has been a year now since I started running regularly. Well I wanted it to be an everyday run, but unfortunately because of my busy schedule (uhuk..) that required me to go out of the city, and my chronic laziness, that ‘regularly’ has become not so regularly.


So far I have run as far as 261.6 km! Yes! And I think it’s not that bad, is it? This morning I finished a 10k –although it was done in a very slow pace. Well It has been a month now since the last time I run, so I don’t want to hurt my feet. Besides, I have just come back from travel that made me sit for 20 hours –one way! Poor my back and my feet, so I need to stretch them out a little bit.

I love running, because it clears my mind, makes me calm, not to think about anything but my step. It is a kind of meditation for me. The sore in the angkle or the leg doesn’t matter, it is part of the experience.

I am not really fond of joining the fun-run competition, as I found it difficult to really run, and just too much efforts to do.. (for example, waking up very early and going to the race place.. eugh!) Hahaaha.. Yes, I am pathetic lazy b*tch! 😜

But, as I plan to go hiking again by the end of this year and need to maintain my health and body strength –so I will not become a burden for someone else, I need to keep my spirit high and drag myself out of my comfy bed for running more often. Besides, I have targetted myself to join and finish a full marathon some time next year. Aamiin.

By the way, currently I am reading an unusual book of Hiraki Murakami’s “What I Talk About When I Talk About Running”. I didn’t know that he is a runner. So when I saw the book at Strand Bookstore, Manhattan, I just grabbed and bought it. Knowing the real side of the authors is one of my interests, understanding their background, how they grew up etc can help me understand their writings, or why they chose a theme for their book, for example. And Murakami’s book makes me smile all the time as I feel quite the same as him, as runner –although I am not that good runner compared to him. But somehow I can relate.



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