doubts in the air




moving forward and not looking back
is always easy for me
but not this timefor thousands of doubts
hanging there in the air
making it hard for me to breathe


for bunches of memories
block the bloodstream in my vein
from coming into my brain


it’s only a while
but the time has come
to give up, to give in


for my heart has lost its strength
to pump up the courage i need
to hang tough, to stand firm


for my lung has been packed
with indefinable fear
that can’t be cast aside


i call my friends, i call my mates
pray for me, pray for me


for i need prayers most
to do whatever it takes
to leave the past as the past



[foto: alas purwo-jatim, 29 desember 2005.
celoteh: puncak pass, 22 september 2005….can’t leave it behind yet, huh?!!]



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