film: ‘the blood diamond’


Directed by: Edward Zwick

Rate: ***

Well, what can I say about DiCaprio. Now, I’m definitely a fan of him. Although he played better in the Departed than in this movie, I think, but still he’s good!

Maybe because of the scenario that is weaker than the Departed, the conflicts happen within himself (as Danny Archer) is not really shown here. How Archer’s giving up on life because of the wound he suffers and drastically becoming so sentimental can not fit in my mind that has been planted by description of his toughness, stubborness and strongwill –his experiences in the past as soldier of furtune and survived from many life threatening events perfectly tell what quality Archer should have had.

Djimoun Hounsou as Solomon Vandy on the other side is awesome! Two thumbs up for him.

As a whole, I don’t really like the taste that this film serves, despite the very crucial theme (which could have been made stronger). It is just another Rambo-like movie, in which the whites save the blacks (or the yellows, the brownies, whatever) –very Hollywood. As the proof of the weakness of the scenario, I didn’t cry as I expected ;p

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