film: ‘the illusionist’


Directed by: Neil Burger

Rate: *****

I pick the movie because there’s Edward Norton in it. And my pick is not wrong.

Here’s another love story but packaged in a beautiful cinematography and high quality performance of the artists starring the movie. The movie actually tells about ‘cinta lama bersemi kembali’. Simple theme really, but this one is served gorgeously.

Eisenheim, played wonderfully by Edward Norton my idol, is the illusionist, a magician that try to ‘steal’ his long lost love back using his talent to perform many illusions that successfully trick people who see it.

Nothing is what it seems –that’s the tagline accompanied the movie title.

As his rival is a very powerful prince, Eisenheim needs to think about how his ‘stealing’ will not cause any long-term consequences –like him and the woman he loves being chased after by the angry prince for the rest of their lives.

The strenght of the film does not lie on the theme or the story per se, but also on the act of the stars. It’s the kind of movie that don’t use actions, hi-tec gadgets, or smart conversation to bring about the ‘big wow’ story. Rather it uses gestures, the expressions of the eyes and of the face, the short but strongly expressed sentences –all components in the stage preformance– added with beautiful scenes and very fine cinematography.

And Edward Noton,like usual, is brilliant, awesome!! I always like him because he’s always successfull in bringing the character into reality. He’s not the kind of stereotyped-actor –who’s stucked in only one character.

Although the story is quite predictable, but all the magnificent things being put together in it has  avoided it being underscored.

One word to describe the movie: Superb!!

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