life as hipstamatic

The first time I got so intimate with my iphone was in 2010 when I got to know Hipstamatic –a very cool photography application that is unbeatable until now, in my opinion. Got so addicted to it, I have bought all of its combos –the combination of lenses and films.

And what I like most about this app is that we can make a random combination of lense and film just by shaking our iphone. This random feature creates pictures that are surprising. Sometimes the results are cool, some are not, but I never editted it. Surprises are very much part of the fun. Besides, I like surprises. Life without surprises is boring, you know.

At first I just showed the results on my Facebook. But when Instagram came into the world of apps in 2010, and I soon became its early subscribers in October the same year, I put all my photos on my Instagram account eversince. And then my addiction became double –to Hipstamatic and to Instagram.

So here are some of my shots, taken on the streets of Manhattan, USA, using random hipstamatic.









life in analogue

It feels like I was thrown back to some 15-20 years ago when the word digital was not known — or if it was, it was only known to may be a handful of people. After being used to using digicam, specifically digi-mobilephone camera, now it has become hip again to use analogue camera.

I still remember my older brother and sister who joined phoography club when they were in high school, using SLR cameras. I also remember the time when I still used analogue camera when other people already used digital camera. An now I regret that I did not keep all my analogue camera carefully.

At that time I never worry that the result of my shots would be good or bad. Now, I do worry if my shots wil be failures. Hahaha..

In social media Instagram, there are a lot of youngsters –the ones in the age of 20s that are now shifting to use analogue camera. I can imagine, when the world was still in analogue mode, they may not have aware of the life yet, they even may not have been born yet. When they grow up and have realized about life, the world is already in digital. While I, like I wrote above, feel like going back to my past life.

So here are some of my shots, taken during my last trip, to Manhattan, New York City, last month. I used Olympus Trip AF30 pocket camera, and Fuji Film Superia 200 (2008 expired). To see more of my analogue photos, go here